1.What is Shojikiya Member Card?

It is a loyalty card to reward all our customers.


2.Where and how can I apply for a Shojikiya Member Card?

You may apply it at any Shojikiya outlets in West Malaysia with only RM10.60 (inclusive of GST).


3.Who is eligible to apply?

Membership is open to individuals, residents and non-residents of Malaysia who are 18 years of age and above.


4.What are the benefits of the membership?

  • Free 100 points – get extra 100 points when you do online registration at our website.

  • Free RM5 voucher** if online registration make on the spot.

  • Birthday Special –  get 2X point reward during your birthday month when you shop with us.

  • 17th Member Day Reward – get 2x point reward in every 17th of the month.

  • Member Discount – member discount price for selected items.

  • Exclusive offers, promotions and events.


    5.How do I earn SJKY points?

    You will get 1 point for every RM1 spent at all Shojikiya outlets. Simply present your member card during your purchase at the outlet.


    6.Do I earn points for GST?

    Yes, it is inclusive in the total amount you spend at Shojikiya outlet.


    7.How do I check my point?

    You can check your points at outlet counter or by log on to Shojikiya website (www.shojikiya.com.my).


    8.How do I change my pin?

    You can change your pin by log in Shojikiya website (www.shojikiya.com.my).


    9.Is there any validity period for Shojikiya Member Card?

    The member card is valid for 3 years and you need to pay RM10.60 (inclusive of GST) for another 3 years renewal or else the point will be automatic forfeited.


    10.Is there any validity period for the points collected?

    Yes, your point will be expired 3 years after issuance.


    11.What should I do if I lost my SJKY member card?

    Please visit any Shojikiya outlet to lodge your report. There will be RM5.30(inclusive of GST) charge for card replacement.


    12.Can I still collect points if I left my member card at home?

    Yes, you can provide your member card number to collect points during purchase.


    13.Can I transfer my member card or point to other people?

    No, points and membership are strictly not transferable.


    14.How do I contact?

    You can drop us an email to admin@shojikiya.com.my.