Yotsuba Specialty Hokkaido Milk 200ML


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It is SMOOTH, CREAMY, DELECTABLE, UNIQUE ! *Direct from Hokkaido, Japan.

Why specialty?
It is an important term used in Japan. Only raw milk that meets the strict parameters of Japan Milk Fair Trade Conference can use the specialty (特選) term.
The Yotsuba Specialty Hokkaido Milk is made from 100% raw milk & pasteurised high quality milk that meets the premium standard set.

Yotsuba Hokkaido Specialty Milk is a UHT milk and can be kept at room temperature when unopened. For better taste, we recommend chilling before consumption.

If you are a fan of Hokkaido Milk, you will know how delicious and creamy it is. If you haven’t tried it before, you are missing out! MUST GRAB YOURS & TRY IT NOW! Whether home, office, on the go or for an outdoor outing, this milk makes a great companion always.

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